Monthly Archives: December 2010

Quick Takes | Party On For Personal Gain

Party on, because holiday parties with family, friends and colleagues offer real opportunities to share and receive information and expertise. Adapting marketing strategy can help us gain more than extra pounds and a hangover.

Quick Takes | Get More Social With Old Partners

Get Social With Old Partners -Newspaper, Radio and Yellow Pages media have added forms of social promotion to their online sites to expand affordable advertiser and sponsor options

Quick Takes | Open Says-A You

Effective direct marketing through email or direct mail requires that your communication gets opened. You don’t need a genie to improve open rates and response with careful attention to four details.

Latest Work | Email Powers Voomerang Launch

Email Campaigns Test Lists, Offer and Creative Foxboro Consulting recently helped launch Voomerang, a new LA-based social e-commerce site, with acquisition email campaigns sent to partner-sponsor lists. Foxboro’s analysis of five service providers identified an affordable, full-featured, analytically robust bulk … Email Powers Voomerang Launch