Industries Served | Family-Owned & Private Businesses

Whether start-up, small or mature , these companies are most sensitive to the economy.

While entrepreneurial flexibility and rapidly adoption of technology helps these companies do more with less, management’s reluctance to increase overhead and costs can force:

  • executing short-term outlines, instead of plans, or iterative trying and buying
  • spending without metrics or assessment
  • unrecognized success

Whether riding an expansion or contraction wave, these firms still need to increase their valuation, be found, target clients and prospects more efficiently than larger competitors, retain and strengthen relationships with customers and vendors, and build the equity of their brands.

Foxboro Consulting is a proven resource to start-ups, small business and established middle market companies that can be relied on to dig deeply into problems and business operations and develop a custom, integrated marketing solution, that adds value while saving time and money.

Whether the need calls for public relations, advertising, promotion or sales support, Foxboro Consulting provides clients with tailored solutions that achieve their goals.

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