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Holiday season parties with family, friends and business associates offer real opportunities to share and receive information, expertise and ideas that connect us with each other, and help us toward our goals.  We can embrace these opportunities proactively without putting people off by adapting marketing strategy to prepare how we present ourselves and our communications.   With simple preparation you’ll gain more from every event than a few extra pounds and a hangover.

Party On

Tis’ the season for holiday gatherings, both personal and professional.   Whether they excite, bore or stress you out, these events offer real opportunities for personal gain.   Both social and business events create an opportunity to share and receive information, expertise and ideas that can move you toward a goal or help make life easier – whether you’re prospecting for clients, a detox method that really works or the best dentist in town.    Combining the terms profit, networking and holiday party in the same sentence might put a damper on anyone’s attitude about holiday events.  So let’s put a perspective on embracing the opportunity that meeting relatives, friends and colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere affords.  Here are a few steps adapting good marketing strategy to help make you positive, prepared and proactive at personal or professional parties:

Who –Objective– clarify an objective, need or intention for your party presence.  You are there for food, fun and a realistic expectation of discovering or learning something – perhaps where neighbors work and what they’re working on, where to complain about a monster pot hole, or an insight on your child’s teacher.  The party isn’t your end objective; it’s a step in the process to connect you to your goal.

Who – Target Audience– demystify the people you’ll be with.  Find out who is attending the event through casual inquiries to the host, or among family, friends and colleagues.  There are real “cognoscenti” in every group so identify a few people who could be helpful to you and find out something about them.  Perform an Internet search, or check LinkedIn, Facebook, or perhaps a mutual friend, and use these “insight bites” to start a conversation and to create or strengthen a connection.

What – Strategy – Have your story clear in your own mind.   You are there in a role or story. The story connects you, your objective and the event– whether you are a sales pro looking for leads, community activist, or concerned parent.   What are the parts of your role that will resonate with the people you meet?  What in your story can people share a common experience with, or information about, or want to help you with?

Where and When– Execution – Be present to yourself and dial into the energy of the room.  Be present with the ideas formed in the first three steps.  Slow down and replace nervous or aggressive energy with alive, positive energy.  Use your ideas and insights to begin listening to the key people you want to connect with, then sharing questions and experience.

Shakespeare said all life is a stage, so why not embrace a role with these strategies and use upcoming holiday festivities to discover something helpful, create or strengthen a connection and party on.

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