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Quick Takes is a blog focused on Marketing News and “How-Tos”.  We’ll share industry thought-leadership and content here, as well as shortcuts, tools, research and learning we acquired through project work.

  • 3 Event Tips – Net More Customers & Sales - 3 Tips 4 More Productive Events Make a memorable impact at events, to make them worth your time and resources.  Whether you are an exhibitor, hosting an online cyber-sale or in-market sales event, or an event sponsor, your event presence … 3 Event Tips - Net More Customers & Sales
  • Marketing Automation – Silver Bullet for Sales and Marketing ROI? - Marketing Automation (MA) is the new shiny thing in marketing.  More than just an app, marketing automation technology is designed to: Shorten sales cycles Increase revenue Improve marketing ROI by aligning and automating marketing tactics that nurture, cultivate and convert … Marketing Automation - Silver Bullet for Sales and Marketing ROI?
  • Beat Annual Goals-Borrow My 5 Free Hacks - The biggest Opportunity to Exceed Previous Results – most companies miss. Plus 5 Free Tactic Hacks 2 Drive Results Wait! What? No way. We’ve worked hard all year, and it’s down to the 4th quarter push. Whether retention, acquisition, or … Beat Annual Goals-Borrow My 5 Free Hacks
  • Rx for Digital Anxiety – Marketers - Dissed by Digital?   Join the Crowd! Digital Deployment Will Accelerate in 2014, Anxious Marketers Report They Aren’t Keeping Up In January of 2013, Gartner predicted that by 2017 CMO’s will have a bigger IT budget than CIOs.  Whether that comes … Rx for Digital Anxiety - Marketers
  • Have a Webinar, Skip the WebEx - Stay Connected While Traveling - affordable videoconferencing and collaboration options for Start-Ups and Enterprise Users
  • Trends Changing the Tides - Is a tidal change afoot in two fundamental marketing constructs when digital content, mobile apps and social media converge? Read more...
  • Quick Take on Quick Response Codes - Squares of pixelated blocks are everywhere in print. Here’s a quick overview and How-Tos that unravel Quick Response (QR) codes for more productive strategic communications.
  • Is Free Ever Worth It? - Is "free" ever worth it? Managers and their teams are usually skeptical of “free trials”and free offers which often disguise a hard-sell pitch. Fortunately, 3 things have coalesced to create a vast array of quality, free stuff to keep you informed, collaborating, and organized. Read on for the list...
  • Party On For Personal Gain - Party on, because holiday parties with family, friends and colleagues offer real opportunities to share and receive information and expertise. Adapting marketing strategy can help us gain more than extra pounds and a hangover.
  • Get More Social With Old Partners - Get Social With Old Partners -Newspaper, Radio and Yellow Pages media have added forms of social promotion to their online sites to expand affordable advertiser and sponsor options