Quick Takes | 3 Event Tips – Net More Customers & Sales

3 Tips 4 More Productive Events

Make a memorable impact at events, to make them worth your time and resources.  Whether you are an exhibitor, hosting an online cyber-sale or in-market sales event, or an event sponsor, your event presence creates a lasting impression of what your brand delivers.  When attendees interact with your products, services or content, your brand is connecting with potential buyers.
To obtain the best return on your invested efforts, begin with clear goals for your participation.   Examples of typical event goals are illustrated in this study by B2B magazine of 309 marketing professionals, on the State of Event Marketing:



Whether your event is B2C, B2B focused, online, or at offline venues, take advantage of the opportunity for customer discovery, engagement and conversion.

Here are three tips to maximize your return:

Make sure the event targets your prospects and customers
Take care to attend or create events that target your prospects and current customers.  Having a high percentage of current and potential customers attending insures interaction with people interested in what you have to offer.  Invite customers, prospects and inquirers from your internal records/database to the event.  Ask them to share the event with their network.   Check with event organizers for journalists, media, and influencers contacted to promote the event.  Find out who may attend, and reach out to media, industry associations and influencers in advance, and as appropriate, invite them to your booth or online event, or schedule a pre-event meeting.  Be sure to comment on the Event’s social pages, as well as media and influencers attending or writing about it.

Use multiple touchpoints pre-, during and post event to build audience & promote your presenceeventimage1
Pre-Event: In addition to reaching out to media and influencers pre-event, communicate with your audience early and often.  Use a multi-channel mix including email, social, PPC, digital, direct mail and other types of paid outreach, as budget permits.  Be sure you are included in the event organizer’s communications.  Leverage your online and offline real estate – web sites, dedicated landing pages, social networks, your place of business and point-of-sale – throughout your campaign.  Create announcements and intriguing snippets of relevant content that create curiosity about your presence. Utilize interactive devices to increase engagement and lead capture, like an online registration page, survey or on-site trivia quiz that enters registrants into a drawing.

On-site/During Event:  Amplify your event presence by creating, capturing and sharing content at the event.  A 2016 study by The Event Marketing Institute and Mosaic found 98% of consumers create content at an event, and 100% of these consumers share the content.  Attendee generated content, whether photos with your logo/products or social post mentions, amplifies the reach of your brand real-time.   Engage with attendees on-site with Twitter, and use live tweets to announce winners, drawings or special demos and polling during the event.

Post event:  Monitor social mentions and be sure to share attendee-generated content as well as content you created at the event across you social networks.  Recap the event in a post-event blog with top “tweets” or a photo gallery and a summary of the action, survey results or winners.

Have a post-event follow-up process and use it
ceo2ceomeeting-1702638_1280Be sure to have a method to capture contact information and meaningful conversations with attendees genuinely interested in what you do.  Contact attendees and non-attendees with appropriately segmented messages. Non-attendees who opened your emails, commented on a social post can be as valuable a lead as someone who showed up.  Follow-up communications can include:
•    Thank-yous,
•    Nurturing follow-ups on key conversations, contacts who expressed an interest in your     product or service,
•    Special Offers,
•    Invitations to opt-in to your newsletter, or future announcements,
•    Invitations to follow you on social networks.

Business owners and marketers n every size organization who plan their event presence with an integrated, multi-channel strategy and tactics will see an exponential return on their event time and investment.