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Increasing Inquiries and Engagements for Local Caterer

Local catering sensation Marianne Wilson’s stream of leads and bookings had subsided.  By integrating and unifying content on her web site and social presence,  Foxboro Consulting is helping increase activity for Marianne Wilson”s Complete Catering prior to the holidays.   We began by making sure all her URLs pointed to the same web site, to maximize web traffic.

    -Loaded new content and images to the site and linked them across pages to  support a prospect’s path to purchase,
    -Incorporated more branding onto the Marianne Wilson’s Complete Catering social presence on Facebook page,
    -Created a content plan to reflect the themes of seasonal flavors, options for quick meals and promotions around holidays, family and personal milestones,
    -Plan to implement a Likes and Shares contest on the Facebook page to grow the fan base.