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Private Business

Private companies, particularly small or mid-sized, are highly sensitive to changes in the economy and technology.

Foxboro Consulting helps start-ups, small businesses and mature family-owned companies increase market valuation, grow their customer base and increase customer lifetime value (LTV). We dig deeply into marketing and sales problems and opportunities caused by change to develop a custom solution that adds value while saving time and money.

Entrepreneurial flexibility and rapid tech adoption help family-owned businesses do more with less. However, management’s focus on cost can force sales and marketing into:

  • Iteratively buy and try marketing tactics, with poor results,
  • Failure to assess what’s working and what’s not, and focus resources on success,
  • Executing short-term, solo tactics, instead of defined goals aligned with a marketing plan.

Whether your business is riding an expansion wave or bucking contraction, we:

  • Lower your customer acquisition costs, and
  • Retain and strengthen customer relationships, to
  • Grow customer equity and business market value.

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