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JP Morgan Chase


Limit the number of customer and business accounts lost after the merger of two banks who were combining business operations and would be closing down bank branches, safety deposit locations and ATMs.


Establish a comprehensive strategic communication and outreach program for branch customers and business accounts informing them of bank branch closures and other operational changes. The program had to comply with all Federal and State banking regulations regarding mergers and account management.

  • Create a retention incentive program for branch personnel to aid in customer retention through the merger.
  • The program needed to work across all key segments: small business, high balance priority account holders, safe deposit box customers and general branch accounts.

Solution and Results:

  • Under the theme “The Best in Banking Begins with New Quarters”, the program was segmented into three 30-day periods and included telemarketing, three waves of direct mail, in-branch point of sale merchandising color coded to each period of the 90-day cycle, color-coded collateral, premiums, on-site celebration events at new branches, and a special employee training and incentive program.
  • Marketing communication and outreach materials were translated into Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese to address special ethnic constituencies.
  • A year-long public relations effort was instituted to smooth local civic and business concerns about the effects of neighborhood branch closures.
  • The program yielded in excess of 80% account retention among both consumer and business accounts, far exceeding cost reduction and revenue targets forecast for the merger, and was awarded the Bank Marketing Associations’ best of Multi-Media award.

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