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FirstNight Westport | Email, Social Media & PR Push

Foxboro Consulting helped drive this amazing community event’s admission sales, family participation and volunteer support with a combination of online and offline marketing, promotion and publicity.  A non-profit, FirstNight Westport has no marketing budget so working with local influencers and mommy blogs was essential to growing awareness and engagement across Westport, Weston, and adjacent communities.  … FirstNight Westport | Email, Social Media & PR Push

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Increasing Inquiries and Engagements for Local Caterer

Local catering sensation Marianne Wilson’s stream of leads and bookings had subsided.  By integrating and unifying content on her web site and social presence,  Foxboro Consulting is helping increase activity for Marianne Wilson”s Complete Catering prior to the holidays.   We began by making sure all her URLs pointed to the same web site, to maximize … Increasing Inquiries and Engagements for Local Caterer

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e-Commerce Gardening Start-Up

Foxboro Consulting consults with booming Gardening start-up #BloomingSecrets, on promotional strategy and creative execution support to grow online reach and engagement.

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Email Powers Voomerang Launch

Email Campaigns Test Lists, Offer and Creative Foxboro Consulting recently helped launch Voomerang, a new LA-based social e-commerce site, with acquisition email campaigns sent to partner-sponsor lists. Foxboro’s analysis of five service providers identified an affordable, full-featured, analytically robust bulk email service –MadMimi. Foxboro prepared all distribution lists, campaign copy and creative alternatives, executing the … Email Powers Voomerang Launch

Nicholas Roberts Group

Objective: To realize synergistic growth, expense reductions through merged operations, a unified branding strategy To create a master brand identity for the operation which combined retail wine and spirits with a catering operation, yet could be used in solo communications for either division Launch the new, merged entity with a focus on local, Fairfield county, … Nicholas Roberts Group