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Customer Acquisition and Retention

Converting prospects to paying customers, and retaining customers over time are critical challenges to every company’s growth. Foxboro Consulting helps companies meet and often exceed their business objectives by extracting insights from data to:

  • Target new customers,
  • Convert priority prospects to a sale, and
  • Keep new customers engaged with the brand over time.

We analyze your data and market intelligence including sales, customer service, digital analytics, response and conversion of past marketing and sales programs, social presence and much more to:

  • Segment and prioritize your customer base,
  • Find priority prospects,
  • Pinpoint relevant content and experiences that will build engagement,
  • Identify the compelling offers that drive conversion to sales and sustain relationships.

Learn about our approach to Customer Acquisition and Retention in these Case Studies

Case Studies

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“A customer-obsessed company focuses its strategy, its energy and its budget on processes that enhance knowledge of an engagement with customers, and prioritizes these over maintaining traditional competitive barriers.”
— Forrester Research