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South Wilton Veterinary Hospital


The veterinary practice made a significant investment in building a state of the art veterinary hospital.  To realize an attractive return on this investment the practice had to increase market share through new customer acquisition, while retaining all current clients in its move to the new facility.


Develop an integrated new hospital launch plan that:

  • focused on customer relationship development – both acquiring and retention
  • demonstrated customer value by showcasing the facility, and breadth and quality of services offered, and expert doctors
  • leveraged vendor and local community partner relationships to increase the scope and value of acquisition and retention promotional offers.

Utilize a combination of non-paid and paid media to build awareness of the hospital, practice and anticipation of the launch.

Create a flexible message and creative approach that could be applied online, in offline print vehicles and point of sale channels

Solution and Results:

  • Developed an extensive public relations campaign pre-launch, showcasing the facility, the doctors and the awards the hospital had received, obtaining extensive in all local daily newspapers, local city magazine.
  • Designed an executed an integrated communications campaign announcing the launch event and promotion through direct mail, online banner ads on local sites, print advertising, an in-school flyer program and point-of-sale posters.
  • Created an annual signature event for the practice.  Organized, obtained co-marketing vendor agreements and tie-ins, produced and staffed the on-site Halloween event, including a “Kids and Pets” costume parade and contest, sweepstakes drawing, search and rescue demonstration, exotic wildlife encounter, and several other activities.
  • Increased inbound calls and appointments by 5% in the 4wks post event.
  • Over 200 attendees at event, including local media – received 6 column front page coverage in local daily the next day.
  • Obtained 80 new qualified leads.
  • Co-marketing significantly reduced event cost, strengthened vendor relationships.

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